A Glimpse of Saddle River County Park

The Saddle River County Park, commonly called the "Duck Pond," is known for peaceful walks and pleasant sights. Nestled in one of the most densely populated counties in the nation, the park is full of small bits of beauty. With these photographs, we attempted to capture some of this beauty and show that it is all around us.

In order to capture the duality of what we normally overlook, and its beauty, we took two photos per subject. One photo of the subject showing the aesthetic, and one showing the photographer taking the picture.

This aids us in seeing where we should not glance over, but look more deeply into.

After doing this project, we learned to look closer into our surroundings. In searching for a good photo, it became clear that even the simplest part of nature is a marvel in its own way

We weren't the only ones enjoying the park that day. We talked to other visitors about their favorite aspects of the park.

“I like to explore”

- William C.

"It's like a safe haven here.”

- Carol B.

Carol B. comes to the Saddle River park “just about every day” because she loves meeting friends, the trees, the birds, the deer and all the other wonders the park has to offer.