Inside the Volunteer Ambulance Corps

A Photo Essay

An Ambulance Corps member arrives at the station, located at 700 Maple Ave., for her shift. It is 7 p.m.

She puts her jacket down in the common room. Her first job is to perform a rig check on the ambulance

Inside the ambulance

She makes sure the gurney (stretcher), which is used to hold the patient, is in place and strapped correctly.

She looks around the seat in the back of the ambulance, which is used for Corps members to sit next to the patient.

She checks the driver and passenger seats in the front, making sure the ambulance is ready to go in emergency

She then checks a variety of medical instruments and information inside the ambulance

Finally, she looks at a back view of the ambulance, making a final check that everything is in place


Next, she walks around the ambulance to make sure there is no damage

She then takes the ambulance outside to perform practice drills, such as taking a person out of the gurney

The Station

She then goes inside to practice using a stair lift for patients who cannot travel down stairs independently

Finally, she heads upstairs to another common room, where they wait on call to see if they are needed. Many shifts last around 12 hours, so members will go home, but will remain on call for their whole shift